Birth Photography


I got the call on Friday night and obviously nearly jumped right out of my skin. Kaisyn was due to be delivered that night via C-Section. So darned in my new scrubs I made my way to capture the first step of this beautiful family's journey together. Thank you to Angie and Nic for allowing me to be a part of Kaisyn's special day. 


Daniela and Nathan were so thrilled to welcome their new baby to the world. Capturing such a beautiful event for this amazing family is an incredible honour. Being a Birthing Photographer has to be the best job in the world!!


I had the absolute privilege to capture Timor give birth to her little baby girl. I got a message at 6am saying "I think today is the day." Timor was already over due so we have all been waiting anxiously for the past few weeks. 2 hours later, after the midwifes exam I got another message, "I am 7cm." I nearly fell off my chair, jumped up and rushed off to Timor's home. 30 Minutes after my arrival, and a few rather strong contractions, Timor and her family(Including Oreo and Shepard, the sweetest doggies I have ever met) welcomed their new baby girl into the world. Little Ella was so brave, only concerned about her mommy's safety, caring and rubbing her mommy's back the whole time. Timor's midwifes and doula were absolutely incredible but Timor was amazing, catching her baby girl herself, showing such strength and determination to deliver her baby safely, the way she wanted. Thank you to Timor and her family for allowing me to be there to witness and capture such a beautiful event in their lives. An incredible miracle that had me nearly in tears. Being the birth photographer for Alyssa's arrival was incredible.


This by far one of the highlights of my photography career. My first Birth. I had the absolute privilege of witnessing the birth of Maya and Ryleigh. Tris was one of the lovely expecting mommies to accept my model call in September and with twins nonetheless. I don't think the morning could have turned out any better.