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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Ok, so you've booked your perfect photographer and found the perfect location. Now you're asking "What do we wear/prep for the shoot?" I have the answer!!


I know that gorgeous gold dress you wore to Aunty Pats wedding fits like a glove and shows off your lovely curves but it won't work for your shoot. When shooting I always have my clients in bushes, sitting in long grass, taking long walks and more, so I recommend you wear the comfiest but prettiest outfit with flat shoes. The last thing you need is to take a tumble from a pair of high heels or to have your gorgeous gold dress damaged during the shoot. And the same goes for your little ones, comfortable is always best. Your sweetest little darling will not manage a full 1 hour session in a dress that makes her itchy or a pair of shoes that are 2 sizes to big for him, keep it simple and put your little ones in something they are familiar with. If you buy something new, let them wear it a few times before your session. The camera sees it all, if you are uncomfortable, the camera can see it. Wear what you love!!

Carey and her family, comfortable and relaxed


I know it can be hard to Coordinate outfits with 25 people but the blue jeans and white shirt combo has been done and done and done over and over again. Instead, why not recommend a standard colour that can be incorporated like a blue, green or red. You don't have to all match, but some sort of element with that particular colour can work. A blue scarf perhaps, or a green blouse with blue jeans.


So like I said above, you can have one colour that everybody can try and incorporate into their outfits, which can help unify a large group of people in a large group photograph. But if you're a smaller group you can look at going for the more matching colour codes. Shana and her stunning family really hit the nail on the head with their outfit choice for their maternity shoot. Soft gentle colours always work, Patterns can work but not overboard, Lumo colours a big no-no -they do not photograph well- and I can always go back to point 1, comfort is key. Coordinate Outfits Instead Of Matching Them and consider the seasons, this can help you choose the right colours for your family.

Shana and her Family


We all love a Disney movie, but we don't want the Disney princesses in photographs. I know your little ones love their cartoon character clothing and your hubby loves his Billabong shirts but these elements detract from the main subject of the photographs... You! Perhaps, take out a few options for your little one to choose from, and don't have the cartoon clothing as an option.


My little Emily, has the softest, finest, wispy hair, the struggle is real. The only thing that Can tame it is a good brush and hairspray. So for the little girlies, hairspray and pretty little clips always work. For our wild little boys, some gel, combed thru. This should keep it neat and tidy for majority of the session. Dads with beards can give them a little shave to neaten them up and Moms... I know you've got this :)

Mason killing it with his perfect blond hair


Like make up, less is always more. Make up always seems to photograph heavier than what it is, so light and simple always work. The accessories simple and plain, but also see your photo shoot as an opportunity to have fun with your family not only during the session but also afterwards when you receive your photographs. Have fun with the outfits Don't be scared to mix it up a bit.

Daniella and Nathan rocking the less is more look


We all have bad days, including our little ones. If your little one is feeling sick or unwell don't be shy to contact your photographer to reschedule. The last thing I want when doing a session is to have a little sweet darling sad and uncomfortable. You need to consider this, do you want Your little one happy and smiling during the session or do you want tears? Rather reschedule and get the photos you deserve showing your little ones true nature. If your little one is still drinking from the bottle bring it along just in case they get hungry and favourite teddy bears or blankies are always welcome, anything to comfort them if we have a small melt down.

Just a last word, your family portraiture is not only about receiving the photographs you want but it's about spending time with your family and having fun. Be comfortable, be relaxed and don't overthink it. You know your family better than anybody, Who else could dress them at their best.

I hope this little blog has given you just a bit of good advise and I so look forward to our session together <3

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