Why I love shooting Birthday Parties? Johannesburg, Family Photographer

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

It's your birthday, let's go crazy, It's not time to be lazy. Let's play games and jump around, Where's the music, where's the sound?

It's your party, you choose the theme, It's so much fun, is this a dream? Let's have pizza, it tastes real yummy, Two small slices, will fill your tummy.

What about a funny clown? Is there one in this old town? Whatever you do, make sure to have fun, It's your birthday, enjoy the sun.


One of the most special days of my life, was the day my daughter was born. Each year, on her birthday I remember that day. The joy I felt and the excitement that filled my entire body, that I would be the one to raise this little person, my new best little friend.

When a mommy and daddy book me to document their little ones birthday party, I am capturing the day and their celebration of the day their baby was born. The memories of the day they were born are shown in the photographs the day of their birthday party. The smile on moms face as their little person blows out their candles or the giggles from daddy as he helps his little guys down the slide cannot be better. This is why I love being a birthday party photographer!


You put so much effort into the decor and the preparation of the party, celebrating your darling little one. Whether you hire a decor company or do it all yourself, it takes a lot of work. I love to capture that effort, all the little nik naks and goodies mean something to you and your family. The theme means something to your little one, from Mickey Mouses biggest fan to mommy's little sunshine, the theme and decor show off your kiddies personality.

I love to capture all your hard work in high quality photographs so you will never forget what you did for your little one. The details in the beautiful cake and every tiny jar of candy is special. While Photographing the decor I spend a lot of time getting each element of the party, even the cheeky bottle's of wine (we all need a glass sometimes;)


When was the last time the whole family was together? Granny, Grandpa, Aunties and Uncles. Family travel from around the country and even the world to be there to celebrate your little ones big day. It is the perfect opportunity to capture everyone together and this is why my package includes a mini family shoot. These moments cannot be missed and shouldn't be. It could be the cheeky wine but everyone is always much more relaxed about having their photo taken at a party, offering more fun filled images.

Not just kiddies party, grown up kiddies as well :)


Definitely one of my favourite elements about shooting a birthday party has to be the candid moments. Documenting the true side of the day, the fun, the laughter, the hugs and more. These moments are special because they show a persons true self and the real side of a family. So many of these moments are present during a birthday party and I love to be the one capturing them all.


Ok so I have gone on and on about birthday parties but I must say, I don't just love shooting birthday parties, I love all family events. From baptisms, baby showers and more! To see a family come together to celebrate is just magic for me. As an Event Photographer, its the family events that really warm my heart.

These moments are special to you, I want you to put your phone down and be in those moments with your family. Hire professional photographer and be sure your don't miss a thing.

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